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Getting new customers for a new hair salon in Montreal.

Publicité Facebook et Instagram attirer plus de clients aux salons de beauté à Montréal.

Achaia Rive Sud: Video Content ➜

Website creation + Branding + Leads strategy to get leads videos message + Videos

Projects to 100 new inscription for a new school

Tipi Talk : UX | UI + Strategy + Leads Attraction ➜

Strategy Video Creation for Stew Travel

Video tutorial creation for Stew Travel in collab with Smartegy

Stew Travel : Video Content ➜


Our customer is an artist who had great success in the early 2000. He wanted to create an application to help connect music artists with beatmakers. The concept was an online music battle, the artist creates their music, match with a beatmaker and their team would battle, and one artist would be a crown winner.

Hitstory : Music App ➜

New website + UX + Cases Studies

Website for IT Firm

Planco: Re-Branding ➜

Competition analysis, marketing strategy, Facebook, Linkedin Ads and Linkedin Automation

Marketing strategy and execution for the two-year immersion program for leaders.

Leader Eveille : Strategy + Leads attraction ➜