Leader Eveille : Strategy + Leads attraction ➜

Competition analysis, marketing strategy, Facebook, Linkedin Ads and Linkedin Automation

Customer Objective :

Attract Leaders to their new program. Increase awareness and get students for their classes in 2022.

Strive’s strategy :

We did a through analysis their competition in the field. We reversed engineer campaign that was done by the competition and look at Leader’s Éveillé’s message and ads content. All the data collected, help with building a customer journey and a strategy to connect with the right candidate.

We tested videos ads on LinkedIn and Facebook, and noticed different response based on videos contents and messages. We stopped the ads on the markets that was not working and tweak the message to increase conversion.



49 leads on Linkedin

1050 conversations with Linkedin Automation

13 students first session in 2022

Services Rendered

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