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Customer Objective :

Tipi talk is focus on helping kids learn English without accent. They did not have a good customer based and they were not sure about the customer profile.

Strive’s strategy :

We found two key insights from our research. First, a significant amount of the traffic was on mobile, and mothers were the one doing the research for tutor's classes.

Second, we tested several markets with different messages. South America (Ecuador, Mexico, Honduras) were responding well to the ads, however the price point was to expensive based on their currency. Europe was mixed, France and Belgium were responding well, but Spain was not reacting at all to the ads. We tested different approach we did customer reach on how Spanish customer were interacting with our ads.

Finally, we noticed that people were interacting with the ads and not clicking to see the website per se; resulting in more platform’s conversion instead of landing page conversion. We adapted our strategy to radio and TV for the Spanish market.


162 leads

88626 people reach with video ads

630$ CAD spend

New classes starting in February 2022.

Creating new adult teaching class in Spain

Videos created :

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